Govt. to do MSME Ranking Across States

Govt. to do MSME Ranking Across States

May 25, 2021

by Saarthi

The government is working to rank states on the basis of their efforts to promote micro, small and medium enterprises, according to a senior official.

“We are making a state ranking system where we will rank states. We are in talks with Niti Aayog for this”, said MSME secretary AK Panda at the National MSME Awards ceremony held recently.

The govt. intends to rank states on the basis of 4Es–Employment generation, Enterprise creation, Exports, and Ease of doing business. Panda said MSMEs are increasingly registering themselves on the goods and services tax network (GSTN), which is bringing them into the formal sector. “MSMEs account for the maximum number of registered entities on GSTN. There is a silent, but massive formalization of our economy which is happening because of GST,” Panda said.

Panda said that while MSMEs contribute around 45% to the country’s exports, there are only 33,000 registered MSME exporters, and that many such enterprises route their products through larger export houses.The ministry is developing a platform for providing a consolidated database of export-related information for MSMEs. “We are also developing a global market intelligence system. All export-related info will be put in one place, in very simple, intelligible language,” Panda said. The information will be available in 22 languages, he said.

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