Indian Kitchens Ahead Of Other Countries In Modern Equipment Usage

Indian Kitchens Ahead Of Other Countries In Modern Equipment Usage

May 11, 2021

by Saarthi

Indian Kitchens Ahead Of Other Countries In Modern Equipment Usage

Coimbatore based ‘EssEmm Group’ has its operations across the globe through the brand Cosmos. The company has its wings spread out in the field of Industrial Catering Automation, Food Processing, Software Engineering, and Support Services.

Today brand Cosmos makes India proud as many kitchens in countries and continents like USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Singapore and Australia are run by them. Satish, a third-generation entrepreneur from a family of entrepreneurs with a long history of making kitchen equipment speaks on the evolving kitchens using new-age technology, and innovation in terms of food, taste and more.

How can kitchen equipment transform the way commercial kitchens are working?  

First, it saves space. In an era where every single inch matters, advanced equipment that can save space is a boon. Other factors like energy efficiency, cooking hygiene are also to be considered. More than that, chefs also can be safe while cooking using equipment avoiding accidents. Other aspects like conservation of energy, water and maintaining the heat in the environment are also important. Not just that, there are many pieces of equipment that can enhance the food flavour.

What are the key trends you notice among the Indian chefs in their expectations in the appliances?

Chefs will look at two aspects- one that their skills should not be overtaken and the products should work faster. Chefs work under tight deadlines. They look at the equipment that can complement their skills and also get the work done faster within the given time frame. In any range of restaurants, this is the one common aspect they are looking for from any equipment.

There is a school of thought which says equipment can take away the job of chefs?

No. Equipment will help only on the texture. The skill of the chefs are still relevant. In a race, even though we have the best horse, the skill of the jockey is the most important factor. Thus, while the equipment can help the kitchen advance, it is still the Chefs who will be the deciding factor of the kitchen.

How do you compare the modernization of Kitchens in Indian hotels versus their counterparts outside India?

India is far ahead of other countries. While there are manufacturers from across the globe, implementation is done across Asia as a whole. I had hardly seen kitchens in the western part of the world using high-end equipment. Only large kitchens in the Middle-East have advanced machinery. Indian restaurants are ready to invest in modern technology.

What is the range of products you are focusing on majorly and how are you taking it to the market?

Our focus areas will be on cooking, vegetable-preparation, automation, pre-processing, and cooking automation. There is a wide range of technology we are using. Some of the key focus areas we are coming up will be around dish and ware washing solutions, specialty QSR equipment to name a few.

What are your expansion plans in terms of product portfolio and geographical reach?

We are going to expand big time in food processing and large scale central kitchen concepts. Our core focus will be on enhancing automation. Geographically we are expanding worldwide. Even though we are focusing majorly in India, we will be focusing on other regions too. After all, it is a pride for us from a market like Coimbatore, we are already a global brand.

Give us in brief about the post-sale support of your products.

We firmly believe that only by giving strong post-sales support, we will be able to survive in the market. We are having a knowledge-driven team with efficient knowledge of technology. We also ensure that there are adequate spare parts with us to serve the customers. Because our service is driven by technology, we have our own software which automates any service call by raising tickets.

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